Drunk fish contributing to science? Yes, this is real life.

Drunk Crayfish?!

Not just humans get drunk, animals do too. Three researchers have taken it upon themselves to get crayfish drunk in order to study how consuming alcohol changes behavior. Why crayfish? Because crayfish have large nerve cells that make it really easy to study. To read about the whole experiment and the science behind it, click here.



Lights, camera, electricity…

Lightning and electricity just got even cooler. 

Not much explaining to do about this, just take a look at the pictures in the article about lightning and electricity and you will be as memorized as me. These aren’t your normal pictures of bolts of lightning, to look at the five different pictures click here. The world surrounding us is pretty damn cool.

What a Dream

Ever wonder about dreaming?

Well scientists do too. Recently, scientists have been able to find the regions of the brain that are actually used in dreaming. This discovery has helped lead scientists towards the understanding of dreams, scientists were also able to identify that dreams create a change in brain activity which helps recognize what the dream is about. The whole study shows that many things that originally thought to be true about dreaming may not be true after all. The article goes into depth about what the study found, but don’t let the scientific words scare you away. Read the full article here.

To me the brain is such an amazing thing. Even though I do not have a huge science background I still find something such as the brain and dreaming so interesting because it is something that is in all of us and something that happens to most people, a topic like this helps connect people. The discoveries that scientist are able to make today are truly amazing, and it amazes me even more that some of the new discoveries are able replace old beliefs or evidence. The world we live in today is so advanced in science today it sometimes make it seem unreal.

Not All Research is Boring

Ever feel like people think that millennials are incompetent, lazy, bad students, are looked down upon and don’t appreciate things like research? Yeah me too. Sitting in my Public Communication of Science class last week, an interesting point was brought up by my professor involving research we had done a few weeks earlier for a paper we had to write. We had to look up clips, such as video, audio or articles written about a topic of our choosing, we turned in a bibliography of our clips to him and he looked at them and then returned. While some people were able to find a variety of clips on their topics that had totally different views (what he wanted) others were not able to find a variety of views. He started to return our bibliography and started to share how we are a class of very smart college students but thinks that we did not do good enough research for this assignment and he blamed on it on his idea that we may have never been taught how to do research well, at the same time he also proposed that we may have not picked a topic that interested us enough.

Millennials are a very different generation, while we somewhat beat to our own drum, there is nothing wrong with that. I find that the problem with myself and with many other millennials is that it is hard for us to dive into a topic if we are not one hundred percent in love with it. While not everyone might not like the idea of research in something like science, they may fall in love with research if it has to do with a topic we are passionate about and want to continue digging into it in order to find more good information about it. You give someone the opportunity to find their niche and there is no stopping them. Many of the students in my class are not the same major, and that showed when I asked them the question:

Pick the most interesting research or discoveries you have recently seen in the news. Explain it. Why did it interest you? After finding the original information, did you continue to research it?



“I recently watched a documentary about a really cool archaeological discovery made last spring in Canada. The discovery of Viking artifacts was made in Point Rosee, Canada by Sarah Parcak, much farther down the coast of North America than we ever thought vikings went before. I found this to be interesting because I didn’t know before this that the Vikings were the first Europeans to ever travel to and live in North America, way before Christopher Colombus. So, after making that initial discovery myself I continued to research this topic more to learn more about the Viking’s time in America, which has completely been forgotten by history and time.”

Jack Clark,  


“A little while ago I heard the term “Mandela Effect” used and had it described to me as a phenomena where our memory of an event is different than reality because of our existence in an alternate reality. Knowing this was preposterous, I further researched the topic wondering where this notion originated. The term is named after Nelson Mandela and came about in 2015, a couple years after his death. Fiona Broome, a paranormal consultant, reported a false memory shared by many people that Nelson Mandela had actually died in the 1980s rather than in 2013 when he actually died. The idea of false memories is not new and has always fascinated me. Many people view memory as a series of recordings that you just recall when you need them when in fact, memories are reconstructed from fragments of information. When we’re missing some of these fragments, our mind fills in what seems logical to us. This could account for these false memories so many people share – our minds are filling in pieces that seem logical. When so many people have the same false memory, it’s often referred to as collective false memory and it common with smaller details like the appearance of certain cartoon characters or lyrics to a song. As a Psychology major, I found this topic very interesting and the fact that people have attributed a paranormal explanation to the phenomena is even more fascinating.” 

Crystal Vance, 

“We all know what it means to “binge watch” a tv series, usually on Netflix. However, I recently discovered an article that truly opened my eyes to how much we allow Netflix to actually consume us. Don’t get me wrong, when they released season three of
How To Get Away With Murder, I dropped everything to watch the first three episodes because it was that important. But in all honesty, this article really made me realize how much of a “microwave” society we live in. We want access to everything at our fingertips
in an instant and Netflix gives that to us. After reading this article, it sparked some discussion with of my some friends, and even caused me to evaluate my own Netflix-watching habits. As pointed oheadshotut in this article, we go through multiple shows on Netflix in the same amount of time we would go through a single show on network television. From previous articles I’ve read, I’ve learned that binge watching Netflix or any type of show is actually detrimental to our mental health, here is an example of
one of those articles.”

Kaitlin Lunger,  

16402700_10208590935231837_8137261767563522907_o (1)“Every once in awhile I’ll see something I find interesting in the news. The most recent was a discovery of the world’s largest dinosaur footprint found in Australia. The footprint is about 5 feet and 9 inches long, which is crazy to think about because that’s already bigger than my height. A footprint that is bigger than me is really cool and terrifying at the same time, because it kind of gives you an idea of how big this dinosaur must have been. The first I heard of it was in class, but then it was all over the news. It really got me thinking and made me want to do more research. Growing up I was always obsessed with dinosaurs so this was pretty exciting to hear. Anything related to dinosaurs for that matter was always exciting to hear about. The research I have come across is actually amazing and really gets you thinking more about dinosaurs and their existence. It made me question a lot of things like, “Why or how are we still finding evidence from dinosaurs?” If a discovery makes me want to do more research, then I’m all in.”

Steph Bicchetti, https://stephbicchettisite.wordpress.com


“I think the most interesting discovery that caught my interest was that there is an ocean inside the earth. I know this seems impossible but it’s true there is what’s called a layer of ringwoodite which behaves like a sponge. The crystalline nature allows it to absorb water and that a certain zone of the mineral holds enough water to replace the world’s oceans three times. This information caught my interest because you wouldn’t expect something such as water be so close to the center of the earth where it becomes very hot. After reading up on this information I would love to continue the research and see what other facts there are.”

Alex George, https://swimmersfacts.wordpress.com/ 

Tori“One of the most recent discoveries I have found interesting is that there is new evidence that the Tasmanian Tiger may not be extinct. I became aware of this from watching an episode of ExpeditionUnknown. The host traveled to Tasmania in search of finding one for himself. He met up with different locals who claim to have seen the Tasmanian Tiger with their own eyes. Some also have taken pictures of the Tigers but they are not solid evidence because they are not perfectly clear and could be a different animal. This interests me because they have said to gone extinct in 1936. It surprises me that there is potential that they survived that long with no one noticing. I continued to research the topic to see if the had been any more evidence since the show being filmed. I found that people continue to set up camera traps to try and find the Tasmanian Tiger.”              

Tori Siebecker, https://torisiebecker.wordpress.com/

“I found the Floating Capsule Hotel in Japan as the most interesting recent discovery I have seen. I think what interests me most about this concept, is that I believe it is a step towards futuristic advances. I love the design and decor inside some of the rooms. I also love the idea that it is floating in mid ocean, it is a very unique concept and I would love to rent a room! I did continue researching it after I had discovered it. I took a look at the price of the room, the amenities, etc.”

Lemane Banushi, lemanebanushi.wordpress.com